Stylish and eco-friendly.
30% more switch.
upto 3 times more switching.

Elusio is a range of modern switches, that is born green. Environment friendly and made out of recyclable materials, the switches are also ROHS compliant. Available in five striking colors, they add a dash of contemporary style to your decor and give you the joy of doing your bit for the environment.

Colors available in White, Elusio Green, Champagne, Dark Grey and Charcoal Black

The ‘Born Green’ philosophy of C&S Electric is committed to reduce the carbon footprint and combat global warming across all its operations and procedures.

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations set limits for the use of following substances

Robust Plate

  • Robust + Flexible Firm mounting with snap fit design
  • Dust covers for protection during construction and painting.

Ease of Installation

Facilitate easy mounting & removal of accessories without detaching the inner frame from the metal box.

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