Vastradan Day

C&S is always ready to lend a helping hand for those in need. Vastradaan is one among many such annual regular features for helping the under privilged. C&S organised Vastradaan Day on 9th May, 2014, where 1593 clothes were donated by C&S family. Clothes were contributed by the employees from all units and were personally handed over to the NGO “Goonj” by visiting their processing centre at Sarita Vihar.

Vastradan Day

C&S organized & carried out project vastradan on 18th & 19th of May 2012 in all business units with great participation from all the employees. C& S also made an arrangement to dispatch 1883 clothes contributed by employeesto the NGO vastradan on 30th may 2012.

Paper Recycle Campaign

As an initiative to minimize the wastage of paper & maximize the reuse of paper, C&S has tied up with NGO Jagrati. As a part of agreement, C&S will deposit all its used paper, magazines & notebook etc. to Jagrati. Jagrati will recycle them & convert them in useful writing notepad.

Earth Day

Earth day is a largest celebrated international environment event. C&S celebrated Earthd day from 20th to 23rd April. C&S celebrated Earth day at NGO “Family Service” on 21st April 2012 with children there. Trees were planted in factories.

Save Water

Consider your life without water – Frightening, isn’t it? Only 1% of the total Earth’s water resource is available for human consumption. World’s population is over 7 Billion and that number is growing by 3 every second! So consider preserving water and besides petrol.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is commemorated every year on June 5 to promote awareness on the importance of preserving our biodiversity. It also aims to identify issues related to environment and ways to take corrective action. All the employees of C&S took pledge to give back to Mother Nature. Programs were conducted at factories, offices & Project (EPC) sites of C&S Electric Limited.